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 Driving Lessons Brighton and Hove

Driving Lessons Brighton and Hove

 Driving Lessons Brighton and Hove

Nervous? Or unsure which driving school to go with?

driving school Brighton Hove

Driving Lessons Brighton and Hove

For driving lessons in Brighton and Hove why choose Black and White Driving School? We have highly qualified instructors who are trained to the highest standards. We provide lessons for all levels of driving; from the nervous beginner, the intermediate right through to the fully qualified driver wanting further training. Our instructors cater for all ages and abilities. We are a local professional business situated in Brighton and Hove who relies entirely on our reputation. Our instructors have been trained to the highest standards in the land (RoSPA Gold Award). This means you will benefit from the highest quality of tuition and require fewer driving lessons than some of our competition. We are one of a small handful of schools in the area to have achieved this award. We use new cars, they are all fitted with dual controls and we know the local area like the back of our hands! With high standards and competitive tuition fees you would be wise to choose Black and White Driving School.

Driving Lessons Brighton and Hove

Lesson Prices

• First hour free • 1 hours free on test date.(for black & White  beginners)

• Day time hourly rate – £27 (£24 for Students) • Evenings and Weekends hourly rate – £35

• Weekday block of 10 lessons – £250 • Weekday block of 20 lessons – £490


Address: 12 Palm Court, Rochester Gardens Hove, East Sussex, BN3 3AY

Mobile: 07989987481 Office: 01273 710426 email:

Driving Lessons Brighton and Hove

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Driving Lessons Brighton and Hove – Review by Cathy Yates

Posted by on 3:01 pm in Reviews | 0 comments

Driving Lessons Brighton and Hove – Review   Steve is easily the most personable and friendly driving instructor out there. He took the stress out of learning to drive, made it fun and almost relaxing. I’ve had such a good time with him. Now I have passed my test, I will certainly miss our hours in the car. I have nothing but praise for Steve, and have been recommending him highly to all my learner friends. Thank you Steve! I couldn’t have done it without...

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Christian Myatt-Wells

Posted by on 3:00 pm in Reviews | 0 comments

Steve was my second instructor and it is only when I met him that I realised how bad my first instructor was! He really progressed my driving skills and we had a really good laugh doing that which always makes it easier. Learning to drive with him was a real pleasure because every lesson I came away feeling like a more competent driver. He has such good teaching methods and makes learning a complex skill very easy by breaking it down so that anybody can understand it and pick it up quickly. I also did PASS PLUS with him which really took my driving to the next level, and taught me some key skills. That I feel have made me a much safer driver on the more dangerous roads and at night. I would definitely recommend Steve to anyone that is learning to drive or that wants to progress their driving skill further, his lessons are a tonne of fun and I would be such a confident driver today without his...

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Catherine Gould

Posted by on 2:59 pm in Reviews | 0 comments

I really have struggled to write this review, it’s difficult for me to put across in words how blessed I feel to have had Steve ‘council’ me through the process, he is an amazing instructor……always patient, entertaining and has a funny way of getting into one’s head. I really couldn’t have asked for a better instructor, all my family and friends know his name and I would recommend him to anyone thinking of learning to drive. The fact that he teaches advanced driving skills has filled me with confidence and I can feel that my driving is to a high standard now, although I do plan on taking extra classes with him ……if only to enjoy his company, as I regard him as a friend, one who achieved the impossible, and had me pass with 3minors first time! Thank you...

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Posted by on 2:58 pm in Reviews | 0 comments

Steve is a fantastic driving instructor and always makes you feel at ease when you’re learning to drive. He makes you learn how to drive for life once you’ve passed the test. A great aspect of teaching is that he is very familiar with the Burgess Hill test routes with many of the same roads we practised coming up on my actual test. He also helped me to overcome my nerves on the day of my test and has many strategies to help with this, one of which I used and worked out- talking to the examiner at times! For the manoeuvres, his simple step by step approach meant I could use it with any car and always worked out because you can always adjust if it goes slightly wrong to start with. That helped me a lot with my parallel park, which I got on my test. Overall, if you want a brilliant instructor and want to be confident going into a test and coming out with a clear pass I would recommend...

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Steve Marshall

Posted by on 2:43 pm in Reviews | 0 comments

Steve is a great driving instructor to have. He has been in the business for many years now and this is apparent when he is teaching you. He is friendly, calm, collective and explains things very clearly. Above all else he is very patient and I would not hesitate to recommend Steve to anyone.

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